Awesome Luxury Condo in Lahaina, Maui

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Welcome to my Maui website.  I have tried to personalize this site based on my experience as a Maui resident.  Please be sure to visit the Photos and Activities pages.  There are endless things to do on Maui and these pages are give you lots of tips on what to do in on Maui and in Lahaina.  Also,  don't forget to visit the Links page for more Maui information.   Finally,  call me on my cell phone at (415) 297-9046 for additional questions not answered on this site. 
John Wayland


Jacaranda Building, My Condo

This is the Jacaranda Building where my condo is located.  It has a premium location  at Aina Nalu near the "infinity" pool, pavilion, and hot tub.  I paid 20K extra for this location.


The arrow shows the location of my condo near the main swimmng pool and away from foot traffic.

My Goals

  • To provide the best possible customer service.


  • To make each Aina Nalu visitor part of my Maui family.


  • To make my condo the best at Aina Nalu.

Harumi, Aja, and Nino

Harumi Toscano is your contact person for any housekeeping needs.  She has worked for the concierge at the Kapalua Bay Hotel and has lived on Maui for 14 years.  She speaks English, Japanese, and Korean. 

For questions or to book this property call John Wayland at (415) 297-9046 or e mail at